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Our story

                   Like all innovation , bluegarage also has an interesting story. Both founders are automobile enthusiasts. It all started when the duo wanted to modify their SUV’s with a particular idea in mind. The designs were done and the vehicle was stripped down and ready to be all pimped up, but then the real problem started, sourcing parts, the duo went to a great extent to source accessories for their project but there was always something stopping them from getting it like limitation in choice , over priced parts , products with no warranty or bill, time consuming as they had to travel to metropolitan cities each time for a wider choice. It all took three months , travelling overseas for this particular reason and even waiting for a bus from Mumbai at 10 in the night for their product.

                   That's when the duo thought of the possibility of providing consumers the convenience of buying accessories over the internet. The objective was two-fold - to ensure that they don't have to leave the confines of their comfort to buy an accessorie , and to help them get a much larger option.  

                   However, the most compelling reason was that no body in India had done this!

At present

          is India’s first and only exclusive automobile online store, with customers pan india, bluegarage opened  business on 12th December 2013 with an objective to give customers a wide selection of amazingly priced accessories and performance parts with a consistently great shopping experience.


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