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Winches have a long history in getting vehicles out of troublesome situations. Although, in the case of the classic movie scene from ' The Gods must be Crazy', it does get the Anthropologist into more trouble than he asked for. Check out the video.
But that raises the question, are winches so strong that they can lift a Land Rover off the ground? The answer is yes. Winches are tiny and yet outrageously powerful rescue tools used by the armed forces, 4X4 competitors and enthusiasts all over the world. The winches usually use planetary gears to achieve the insane gear ratios required to generate the torque needed. Most winches available today are electric winches and are usually mounted on a winch plate that's hooked up with the chassis. These heavy duty machines have pulling power ranging from 4 tonnes to (set higher limit value here). Modern versions are moving towards synthetic ropes that have a greater resistance to wear and tear compared to cable winches, and can be easily handled by a single person in a tough situation. 
There are two uses of a winch. Performing a rescue on a different vehicle, or performing a self rescue. Both are highly functional actions that require the right setup & result in a huge relief to all parties involved if done well. The flexibility of a synthetic rope allows it to be coiled around a tree or a massive boulder to use it as an anchor if stuck in slush. While new features such as remote controlled access gives a safe operating position away from heavy moving parts.
Over many years of off-roading, the BlueGarage team has experimented with lots of winches before lining them up on our website. We have taken heavy vehicles like jeeps and long chassis 4X4s into deep slush to see if they can be rescued by using winches alone. The result is this: Winches are the next best thing to having a farm tractor.


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